iotSymphony Inc. Launches Ensemble — an Enterprise IoT Software Product

Todd Clark – CRO
iotSymphony Inc.

iotSymphony Inc. Launches Ensemble – an Enterprise IoT Software Product

Salt Lake City, UT, July 25, 2022 – iotSymphony Inc. is proud to announce the release of Ensemble, our cloud-based IoT software product designed for business users at enterprises and municipalities alike.

Ensemble enables business users to orchestrate IoT data across the technology components of an IoT ecosystem, from edge devices through automated actions in operational systems such as ERP, CRM, Order Entry and many more.  Ensemble enables the orchestration of an IoT ecosystem all within a single, easy-to-use user interface. Leveraging data acquisition, business rules, AI/ML, decision science and automation of actions, Ensemble transforms IoT data into meaningful outcomes that positively impact the business or municipality. This is where the ROI from IoT initiatives is realized.  

iotSymphony Co-founder and CEO Jon Oslowski says that “The Ensemble product will fundamentally change the way enterprises and municipalities approach IoT.  Ensemble shifts the discussion from how to make IoT devices and technology work together, to how can we use these devices and technology to generate real value for the business or municipality.” 

The launch of Ensemble comes in the midst of iotSymphony achieving several key milestones in customer adoption and technology development. In addition, iotSymphony is an official Microsoft Partner, has executed a go-to-market agreement with an international systems integrator, and has been chosen as one of a select number of start-ups  in the Softeq Venture Studio and Newchip Accelerator program.

Please contact us if you would like to see a demo of iotSymphony’s Ensemble.  We would love to share with you what we have built and our vision of bringing ROI to Enterprise IoT.