iotSymphony Joins The Softeq Venture Studio

Coinciding with the Houston Tech Rodeo Roadshow this week, iotSymphony is announcing its acceptance into the Softeq Venture Studio.

“We are proud to be joining an exceptional group of start-up companies as part of the second cohort of the Softeq Venture Studio,” said Jon Olslowski, CEO of iotSymphony.  “Chris Howard and his team at Softeq have created a unique vehicle for early stage investment, collaboration and knowledge sharing within the Studio.  We’re excited at the long-term prospects of our partnership with Softeq and look forward to working together to bring to market the value proposition of iotSymphony software.” 

Christopher A. Howard, Softeq Founder and CEO said “We are happy to have iotSymphony participating in the second cohort of the Softeq Venture Studio.  We see great promise in their software platform and our goal is to use the resources available in the Venture Studio to be part of iotSymphony’s vision of Making IoT Actionable for the Enterprise.”

To learn more come see us at the Houston Tech Rodeo Roadshow this week at The Ion Feb 28 from 1PM – 5PM and at the Greentown Labs on March 1 from 5PM – 7PM.