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The iotSymphony Solution The Most Innovative Device Data Platform

Data from devices and assets is a vital part of an enterprise, yet its value is only realized when actions are taken on the insights from this data. Between these devices, assets and enterprise operations systems is a multitude of technologies that make up an IoT ecosystem. Each of these technologies operates independently resulting in a complex collection of systems that business and IT leaders have to navigate.

This lack of cohesion creates a substantial gap between the data that’s collected and the business value that enterprises are striving for. With so much complexity, efficiency is impossible without a platform that manages the “steel thread” of data across all technologies of an IoT ecosystem.


iotSymphony software manages the "steel thread" of data by ingesting data from devices and assets, applying business rules, executing AI/ML, applying decision science and then automating actions in operations systems. By transforming raw data into value within an intuitive, business user UI, iotSymphony software helps enterprises generate a return on investment from their IoT programs.

Our Process is Simple iotSymphony Software Enables You To Understand The Insights From Your IoT And Device Data, Determine The Right Decisions To Make And Then Automatically Act On Those Decisions



iotSymphony collects data from assets, devices and gateways and applies business rules to identify the relevant data that requires immediate action or further analysis.



We then integrate other pertinent data (manufacturing data, geo-location data, customer profile data, etc.) and execute YOUR AI/ML models to identify if an action needs to be taken. If so, our Decision Science engine lets you script-out any number of decision flows that align to your business objectives. This way, the appropriate decision is activated based on the outcome of the data analysis.



Based on the decision, our Action Engine automatically invokes an action in the appropriate operations system, such as CRM, ERP, Order Entry, Tech Dispatch, and many others systems. All pertinent data is transmitted with the decision, which provides the context for the action being taken. This is where value is realized for the enterprise.

A Solution You Can Trust Our Software Enables You To Generate Value From Your IoT Data

Our team has spent decades creating, implementing, and improving a myriad of software solutions for companies of all types, sizes and industries. Our passion for innovating better ways to transform data into actions and ROI are unmatched. There's no better solution to help your company achieve success with your IoT initiatives than iotSymphony.

What We Do Some Use Cases We Support


Predictive Maintenance

Ingest machine performance data in real-time to predict and proactively resolve maintenance issues before they cause catastrophic failure. Automatically dispatch a service technician with the right skills and arm them with information about the machine performance issue as well as the tools and parts they will need to make the repairs. Improved machine performance, reduced outage and downtime and reduced mean time to repair all drive improved operations efficiency, productivity and lower cost of operations.


Asset Tracking

Ingest the real-time data from asset sensors to track the location and condition of valuable assets to ensure they are safe, secure and not at risk from extreme conditions (temperature, vibration, etc.). When issues do arise, real-time alerts and automated actions that provide the location and condition of assets along with the context (i.e., a temperature controlled asset is outside of its risk threshold and needs to be moved, etc.). Improved asset protection, reduced risk from theft, damage or loss and improved operations efficiency all drive increased customer satisfaction, reduced liability and lower cost of operations.


Supply Chain Optimization

Ingest data from retail sensors and smart shelves in real-time to identify consumption behaviors at the store and product level in support of a Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery model. Generate alerts as shifts in consumption behavior are detected, which sends this data to the analytic engine where other data sources can be added and analytic models can be applied, such as prediction models to determine if the increases in consumption are an anomaly or a growing trend. Then the decision engine is engaged to determine the best course of action based on the output from analytics, such as a growth in consumption is predicted, therefore more product needs to be dispatched to the store and an increase in the regular order of this product needs to be made. The action engine automatically executes on these decisions by generating an order in the dispatch system that sends a driver with the required amount of additional product to the store and generating an increase in the regular order for this store in the order entry system so additional product is delivered on the next regular delivery day. Reductions in ‘stock-outs’ and unnecessary warehouse stock improve operations efficiency and reduce operations costs, while maintaining supply at retail locations increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability.

Don't See Your Use Case Listed? Contact us to see how our software can help.

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